General Chemistry is a free introductory textbook on chemistry. See the editorial for more information....


Author: Epina eBook Team

General Chemistry is licensed under a Creative Commons License, which means that this eBook is copyrighted, but you are allowed (and encouraged) to copy and distribute it. Click on the image at the right to see the details of the license.

Most of the photos included in this eBook have been taken from WikiMedia Commons, some photos have been created by Hans Lohninger. References to photo sources are given beneath the photos.

Further, some of the sources of the topics included in this eBook may offer a less restrictive copyright license than the book as a whole. Following is a list of references to the original book contents, sorted by authors:
Author Reference
Andrew R. Barron Material published on the Connexions Web site
Mollie Boorman Periodic System and Chemical Elements
Robert Husted Periodic System and Chemical Elements
John Hutchinson Material published on the Connexions Web site
Hans Lohninger Various previously unpublished topics or written especially for this eBook. Some texts and figures extending texts of other authors.

Last Update: 2011-02-20