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Download & Release History

Author: Epina eBook Team

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[2011-05-25] Release 1.30 [2.4 MB]
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Following is the release history of General Chemistry:

Release Date Remarks
1.30 2011-05-25 New topics: Ammonium Nitrate, Calcium Hydroxide, Common Names of Chemical Substances, Antimony Trisulfide
1.20 2011-04-07 New topics: Dissociation Constant, Table of Dipole Moments
1.10 2011-04-03 A few broken links fixed. New pages: Calcium Sulfide, Potassium Carbonate, Potassium Chromium Sulfate.
1.00 2011-03-17 New pages: Diatomic Molecules, Hydrogen Chloride, Borax, Molybdenum Disulfide.
0.90 2011-02-24 New pages: Butane, List of Alkanes, Structure of Alkanes, Chemical Properties and Reactions of Alkanes, Occurrence and Use of Alkanes, Hydrogen Peroxide, pH Value, Octane, Zinc Sulfide.
0.81 2011-01-20 Mistakes concerning the historical names of aluminum corrected
0.80 2011-01-12 New page calcium sulfate added; link to VIAS library search implemented; bug fix in JavaScript of HTMLHelp
0.70 2010-12-21 The following inorganic substances have been added: barium hydroxide, gadolinium(III) chloride, barium sulphate, lead plumbate, lead acetate, and silver nitrate. CAS registry numbers added to the description of the chemical elements. The following new chemical elements have been described: darmstadtium, roentgenium, and copernicium
0.60 2010-11-30 Chapter on nuclear chemistry added; several photos of chemical elements added; new page on beryllium fluoride
0.50 2010-11-15 Table of Standard Enthalpies, Free Energies of Formation, and Standard Entropies added; description of Aluminum Oxide added
0.40 2010-10-19 Tables of standard electrode potentials and dissociation constants of acids added; index improved; eBook can now be downloaded as HTMLHelp file
0.30 2009-06-25 New section on AgCl added; table of solubility constants added
0.25 2008-12-15 New section on Chemical Bonding and Molecular Energy Levels added
0.24 2008-12-12 Several photos of chemical elements added. Index improved. New page on sodium hydroxide.
0.23 2007-09-12 Missing links corrected. Lots of additional links implemented. Index improved. New page on cadmium sulfide.
0.22 2006-11-21 Ebook is now available as zip archive to avoid security problems. Index improved. Various minor improvements.
0.21 2006-10-12 improved diagrams in section Phase Equilibrium and Intermolecular Interactions. New section Reaction Equilibrium in the Gas Phase and The Ideal Gas Law implemented.
0.20 2006-05-07 Phase Equilibrium and Intermolecular Interactions and Reaction Rates implemented; table of ions added
0.19 2006-05-02 Molecular Structure and Physical Properties implemented
0.18 2006-04-28 Equilibrium and the Second Law of Thermodynamics added; table of contents reorganized
0.17 2006-04-07 Molecular Geometry and Electron Domain Theory added; started with the description of inorganic compounds.
0.16 2006-04-06 Covalent Bonding and Acid-Base-Equilibrium added.
0.15 2006-04-04 The Kinetic Molecular Theory added.
0.14 2006-04-03 Quantum Energy Levels In Atoms added.
0.13 2006-03-30 Structure of an Atom added.
0.12 2006-03-27 Atomic Molecular Theory added. A few minor improvements.
0.11 2006-03-26 Chapter on Atomic Masses and Empirical Formulae added. Several minor improvements.
0.10 2006-03-25 First implementation of parts of the entire textbook. The rest of the textbook will be made available subsequently.

Last Update: 2011-05-26