VIAS Science Cartoons provides a collection of cartoons illustrating various aspects of science and technology. See About for further information.

Index M

machine gunMonte Carlo Simulation
magicianPseudo-Inverse Matrix
magnetic resonance imagingChemical Shift
magnifying glassMass Spectrometer
male/femaleLinear Discriminant Analysis
mass spectrometerMass Spectrometer
 Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
matrix multiplicationInvertible Matrix
meterFlame Ionization Detector
methanolHigh Performance Liquid Chromatography
Mexican waveKohonen Map
missing valuesMissing Values
mobile phaseColumn Chromatography
 Thin Layer Chromatography
monsterExponential Growth
Monte Carlo simulationMonte Carlo Simulation
Moore-Penrose pseudo-inversePseudo-Inverse Matrix
mountaineerGradient Descent
mousetrapIon Trap
multiple linear regressionMultiple Linear Regression
multivariate statistical analysisMultivariate Statistics
musicSEV / SEM (Chaneltron)

Last Update: 2011-04-02