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Index P

paired t-testPaired t-Test
parallel distributed processingArtificial Neural Network
pattern recognitionCluster Analysis
PCAMultiple Linear Regression
pensiveFactor Analysis
 Correlation Coefficient r
photographerAbsorption Spectroscopy
photonSEV / SEM (Chaneltron)
physicsFourier Transform
 UV/VIS -Spectrum
 Metastable Ions
 Mass Spectrometer
 Nuclear Spin and Precession
 Column Chromatography
 Fluorescence Spectroscopy
 Stationary Phase
 Thin Layer Chromatography
 Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
 Plate Theory
 UV/VIS spectroscopy
 High Performance Liquid Chromatography
 Hair Analysis
 Ion Trap
 Infrared Spectroscopy
 Liquid Chromatography I
 Liquid Chromatography II
 Emission Spectroscopy
 Flame Ionization Detector
 Fourier Transform Spectroscopy
 Gas Chromatograph
 Gas Chromatograph using FID
 Absorption Spectroscopy
 SEV / SEM (Chaneltron)
 Chemical Shift
pillowInvertible Matrix
plate theoryColumn Chromatography
 Stationary Phase
 Plate Theory
Poisson regressionRegression Analysis
precessionNuclear Spin and Precession
principal component analysisMultiple Linear Regression
prismUV/VIS -Spectrum
probability distributionKurtosis
projectionCorrelation and Causality
pseudo-inverse matrixPseudo-Inverse Matrix

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