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Discrete distributions play an important role when it comes to estimate the probabilities of samples of a particular composition of binary coded objects (such as red and blue balls, yes and no answers, etc). The three most often used discrete distributions are the binomial, the hypergeometric, and the Poisson distribution. The binomial distribution is used if the drawn objects are replaced (or the population is of infinite size), the hypergeometric distribution is used if the objects are drawn without replacement, and the Poisson distribution is used for count data of rare events.

English version [320 kB]
German version [320 kB]
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the zipped packages and start the executable.
The program Discrete Distributions calculates the distribution density functions of the binomial, the hypergeometric, and Poisson distribution. The user may set the appropriate parameters and obtain both the probability density and the cumulative distribution.

Last Update: 2012-Jul-14