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When performing statistical tests, one needs to check whether the test statistic is greater or less than the critical value. While most statistical programs automatically create a default table of critical values, it is sometime necessary to look into distribution tables. However, retrieving a critical value from a distribution table is prone to mistakes due to the symmetry considerations which have been taken into account to reduce the volume of the printed tables.

In such cases the Distribution Calculator offers a reliable solution. The user simply enters the degrees of freedom, the test statistic or the level of significance, and the program calculates the probability or the test statistic, respectively. The Distribution Calculator offers calculations for the normal distribution, the t distribution, the chi-square distribution, and the F distribution. As can be seen from the screen shot you may select for one-sided or two-sided tests. The probabilities beyond the critical values are colored in red.

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the zipped packages and start the executable.

Last Update: 2012-Jul-14