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Anorganische Chemie by Hans Lohninger is a free textbook on inorganic chemistry in German language. The eBook is not yet finished but already provides a lot of useful information. More about the progress of implementing this book can be obtained from the editorial.

approx. 300 pages, 180 figures; copyright: Creative Commons License

The Chemistry of Paints and Painting is a free textbook on chemical aspects of painting. This ebook is based on the printed copy of a book written by Sir Arthur H. Church in 1915.

approx. 180 pages, 10 figures; copyright: Creative Commons License

General Chemistry is a free textbook on the fundamentals of chemistry

This book is currently under construction; copyright: Creative Commons License

Learning by Simulations has been developed to support both teachers and students in the process of knowledge transfer and knowledge acquisition. It currently contains about 35 simulations dealing with mathematical, physical, chemical, or computer science problems. All the simulations are fully interactive, the user can experiment by changing parameters and watching the results.

Copyright: copyrighted by the author but free usage for non-commercial purposes

Lectures on Physics is based on the well-known series by Benjamin Crowell, "Light and Matter" and provides a general introduction to physics.

approx. 600 pages, 500 figures; copyright: Creative Commons License

Written by two instructors at the Cavendish Laboratory the book Practical Physics is intended for the assistance of students and teachers in physical laboratories. Written at the end of the 19th century, the book gives a deep insight to the physics of that time.

200 pages, approx. 300 images; copyright: Creative Commons License
The German eBook Teach/Me Instrumentelle Analytik contains two chapters from the full volume originally published by Springer, Heidelberg: "Teach/Me Instrumentelle Analytik". The selected material deals with MS (mass spectrometry) and NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance).

approx. 140 pages with about 180 figures;
copyright: Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg (courtesy Springer).