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Electron and ion optics are used in a wide variety of applications, from the electron microscope to mass spectrometers and ion propulsion engines. Though the implementation of a high-quality ion optical system can be rather demanding, the principles of ion optics are simple: any charged particle moves along the gradient of an electrostatic field, becoming (de)accelerated by the field. The trajectories of charged particles can thus controlled by forming suitable electric (and/or magnetic) fields.

English version [324 kB]
German version [324 kB]
After downloading please unpack all files of
the zipped packages and start the executable.
The program "Ion_Gun" calculates the trajectories of charged particles (ions and electrons) in an electrostatic field which acts as an electrostatic lens. It allows to adjust the potentials of 6 point charges, as well as their positions. In addition, the point charges can be moved by dragging them with the mouse, and the incident angle of the ion beam as well as its width can be controlled by the user..... For downloading the program click on the little floppy disk symbols at right.

Last Update: 2012-Jul-14