Wireles Networking is a practical guide to planning and building low-cost telecommunications infrastructure. See the editorial for more information....

Index B...

 Estimating capacity
 Bandwidth Monitoring
 Traffic optimization
 Programs that Assume a High Bandwidth Link
bandwidth-delay productInternet Link Optimization
batteryBatteries - Safety Instructions
 Calculating and Measuring Power Consumption
 Discharging Characteristics
battery buffered systemDesigning a Battery Buffered System
battery capacityVarious Tips
beamwidthBeamwidth, Sidelobes and Nulls
BearSharePeer-to-Peer Networking
BindDNS Caching and Optimization
biquad antennaBiQuad Antenna
BNC connectorConnectors and Adapters
bridging access pointTransparent Bridging Access Point
bypassing a proxyPreventing Users from Bypassing the Proxy Server

Last Update: 2011-03-26