Wireles Networking is a practical guide to planning and building low-cost telecommunications infrastructure. See the editorial for more information....

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Rad Data CommunicationsProfessional Wireless Products
radiation patternRadiation Pattern
radio absorptionAbsorption
Radio MobileLink Planning Software
radio wavesA Practical Introduction to Radio Physics
 Physics in the Real World
reactive routingTheory
RealNetworksPrograms that Assume a High Bandwidth Link
Redline CommunicationsProfessional Wireless Products
reflectorReflector Theory
relay hostOpen Relay Hosts
release historyDownload and Release History
resolving problemsBuilding Your Team
return lossInput Impedance and Return Loss
rogue access pointsThreats to the Network
round-trip timeInternet Link Optimization
routing protocolMesh Networking with OLSR
RP-TNCConnectors and Adapters
RRDtoolBandwidth Monitoring
RSLCalculating the Link Budget
RTTInternet Link Optimization

Last Update: 2011-03-26