Electronic Transformers and Circuits is a free introductory textbook on transformers and related circuits. See the editorial for more information....

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800-cycle transformerAn 800-Cycle Transformer Design
AGCAutomatic Gain Control
air-core transformerAir-Core Transformers
air-gapAir-Gap Flux Fringing
alternate stackingConstruction
 Magnetic Amplifier Design
amplifierAmplifier Tests
 Bibliography - Amplifiers
amplifier circuitsAmplifier Circuits - Introduction
amplifier classificationAmplifier Classification
amplifier potentialsAmplifier Potentials
amplifier transformerAmplifier Transformers
 Amplifier Transformer Design
anode transformerAnode Transformers
 Anode Transformer Design
 Combined Anode and Filament Transformers
artificial linesArtificial Lines
audio oscillatorDesign Example - Audio Oscillator
automatic gain controlAutomatic Gain Control
AVCAutomatic Gain Control
average voltageFlux and Average Voltage

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