The ebook FEEE - Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics is based on material originally written by T.R. Kuphaldt and various co-authors. For more information please read the copyright pages.

Download and Release History

If you are interested in using a local copy of Fundamentals of Electronics and Electrical Engineering you can download it as an HTML-Help file:
[2011-03-21] Release 1.30 [24.2 MB]
The zip archive contains the entire ebook as an HTMLhelp file.
After downloading please unpack the zip archive and
double click the file "feee.chm" to open the ebook.

Following is the release history of FEEE:

Release Date Contributor Remarks
1.30 2011-03-21 H. Lohninger Index improved; link to VIAS search page added; section on experiments with the 555 timer added
1.20 2010-11-30 H. Lohninger New chapter on Combinational Logic Functions included; layout improved
1.10 2007-10-21 H. Lohninger The page Synchronous Condenser which has been omitted by mistake is now available. Sections on Amplifiers and Active Devices and Solid-State Device Theory updated. Cross links added. Many small improvements.
1.09 2007-04-27 H. Lohninger several pages with missing Greek symbols corrected. First few links to HiPAC-EDT included (see Resonance in series-parallel circuits for an example). The following pages have been improved significantly: Simple series resonance, Simple parallel (tank circuit) resonance. Various minor bugs fixed.
1.08 2007-01-23 H. Lohninger pages on shift registers revised; section "Resolution of ADC circuits" extended; "Resistor Color Codes" improved; index improved; section on filters improved; Spice command lines and results are now better recogizeable; many of the Spice simulations recalculated and plotted in nicer images; width of book layout has been narrowed to account for 800x600 screens; various minor bug fixes; package TO-254AA added
1.07 2006-11-27 H. Lohninger index improved; minor bug fixes; chapter on AC motors revised; ebook is now available as zip archive to avoid security problems.
1.06 2006-06-15 H. Lohninger table with body contact impedances added; table with electrical shock hazards added; improved index; table of superconductors corrected and extended; new page on temperature coefficient of pn-junctions added; chapter on AC motors added
1.05 2005-11-30 H. Lohninger error in table of contents fixed (page on special batteries was included twice)
1.04 2005-11-20 H. Lohninger new section on unijunction transistors; various transistor packages included: TO-66, TO-39, TO-18, TO-5, TO-3, TO-72
1.03 2005-10-15 H. Lohninger section Practical considerations of ADC circuits has been split to make it shorter and better readable. The section on the Nykquist Frequency has been extended by a link to the VIAS simulations site.
1.02 2005-10-10 H. Lohninger FEEE is now available as an HTML-Help file for using it on your local computer without the need of an Internet connection; further bugs fixed which were introduced during the conversion into Coimbra format
1.01 2005-09-27 H. Lohninger redesign of overal ebook layout; "See also" links implemented; additional text added: Survey on Frequencies of Electromagnetic Oscillation, Varactor Diode, cross section of Schottky diodes added
1.00 2005-09-12 Tony R. Kuphaldt et al. T.R.Kuphaldt, Lessons on Electric Circuits has been ported to Coimbra. The available material has been rearranged, re-indexed and fed into the Coimbra system to use it as a starting base for Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Last Update: 2011-03-21