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1-to-2 demultiplexerDemultiplexers
1-to-2 line decoderDecoder
1-to-4 demultiplexerDemultiplexers
10-50 milliamp signalCurrent signal systems
 Voltage-to-current signal conversion
164, SN74ALS164ASerial-in, parallel-out shift register
166, SN74ALS166Shift Register, Parallel-in, Serial-out
2-to-1 multiplexerMultiplexers
3-bit binary counter3-Bit Binary Counter
4-20 mA analog signalIntroduction
4-20 milliamp signalCurrent signal systems
 Voltage-to-current signal conversion
4-layer diodeThe Shockley Diode
4-to-1 multiplexerMultiplexers
4-wire resistance measurementKelvin (4-wire) resistance measurement
 4-Wire Resistance Measurement
400 Hz AC power, aircraftEnergy losses
4017, CD4017, 74HC4017, Johnson counterRing Counters
 Johnson Counters
4022, CD4022, Johnson counterRing Counters
 Johnson Counters
4094, 74HCT4094 ANSI symbolSerial-in, parallel-out shift register
4PDT switchContact "normal" state and make/break sequence
555 audio oscillator555 Audio Oscillator
555 ramp generator555 Ramp Generator
555 timer555 Audio Oscillator
 555 Ramp Generator
 PWM power controller
555 timer icThe 555 IC
594, 74AHC594Serial-in, parallel-out shift register
594, 74AHC594 ANSI symbolSerial-in, parallel-out shift register
595, 74AHC595Serial-in, parallel-out shift register
595, 74AHC595 ANSI symbolSerial-in, parallel-out shift register
7-segment display7-Segment Display
7-segment encoderEncoder
741 operational amplifierThe "operational" amplifier
74LS299PIPO Universal Devices
 PIPO Practical Applications
74LS395Parallel-In, Parallel-Out, Universal Shift Register
 PIPO Universal Devices
ACMOS gate circuitry
A/D converterThe "operational" amplifier
absolute dB scalesAbsolute dB Scales
Absolute value, vectorPolar and rectangular notation
absolute ZeroSuperconductivity
ACVoltage and current
 What is alternating current (AC)?
AC bridgeAC Bridge Circuits
AC circuit analysisSummary
AC commutator motorAC commutator motors
AC coupling, oscilloscopeSignal coupling
 Half-wave rectifier
AC measurementMeasurements of AC magnitude
AC motorIntroduction
AC power supplyTransformer -- power supply
AC-DC power supplyThe Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
AcidpH measurement
active deviceActive Versus Passive Devices
Active mode, transistorActive mode operation
Active-high input7-Segment Display
Active-low input7-Segment Display
ADCResolution of ADC circuits
ADC, delta-sigmaDelta-Sigma ADC
ADC, digital rampDigital ramp ADC
ADC, flashFlash ADC
ADC, integratingSlope (integrating) ADC
ADC, slopeSlope (integrating) ADC
ADC, successive approximationSuccessive approximation ADC
ADC, trackingTracking ADC
AdjacentTrigonometry Reference
admittanceSusceptance and Admittance
alarmPIPO Practical Applications
Algebra, BooleanDigital logic functions
Algebraic identitiesAlgebra Reference
Algebraic sumKirchhoff's Voltage Law (KVL)
Aliasing, ADCPractical considerations of ADC circuits
alligator clipVoltmeter usage
Alligator clipsKelvin (4-wire) resistance measurement
alphaTransistor Ratings
alpha ratioThe common-base amplifier
 Current mirrors
Alternating currentVoltage and current
 What is alternating current (AC)?
AlternatorThree-phase power systems
 What is alternating current (AC)?
 Automotive alternator
ALULook-up tables
AmmeterSafe meter usage
 Ammeter design
 AC Voltmeters and Ammeters
Ammeter impactAmmeter impact on measured circuit
ammeter usageAmmeter usage
Ammeter, clamp-onAmmeter impact on measured circuit
AmpScientific notation
 Ammeter usage
Amp-hourBattery ratings
Amp-turn (unit)Mutual inductance and basic operation
AmpacityConductor and Insulator Tables
 Conductor ampacity
ampereAmmeter usage
Ampere (unit)How voltage, current, and resistance relate
Amplified voltmeterVoltmeter impact on measured circuit
AmplifierVoltmeter impact on measured circuit
 Special transformers and applications
 Noninverting amplifier
 Practical Biasing Techniques
Amplifier circuitA Very Simple Computer
amplifier gainAmplifier Gain
amplifier impedanceVoltage Follower
Amplifier, differentialSingle-ended and differential amplifiers
Amplifier, invertingDivided feedback
 Common-Emitter Amplifier
Amplifier, noninvertingDivided feedback
amplifier, operationalMulti-Stage Amplifier
Amplifier, single-endedSingle-ended and differential amplifiers
amplitudeMeasurements of AC magnitude
 Musical keyboard as a signal generator
amplitude modulationElectrical signal types
amplitude, ACAC Voltmeters and Ammeters
amplitude, vectorVectors and AC waveforms
Analog computerA Very Simple Computer
 Rate-of-change indicator
analog multimeterVoltmeter usage
analog signalAnalog Signals
Analog signal, 4-20 mAIntroduction
Analog-to-digital converterThe "operational" amplifier
Analysis, AC circuitSummary
Analysis, Branch Current methodBranch current method
Analysis, FourierSquare wave signals
Analysis, frequency domainSquare wave signals
Analysis, Mesh Current methodMesh current method
Analysis, networkWhat is network analysis?
Analysis, parallelParallel R, L, and C
Analysis, qualitativeComponent failure analysis
 Component failure analysis
Analysis, seriesSeries R, L, and C
Analysis, series-parallelAnalysis technique
 Series-parallel R, L, and C
Analyzer, spectrumSquare wave signals
ANDGate universality
AND gateAND gate
AND gate, TTLTTL NAND and AND gates
Angle, vectorPolar and rectangular notation
angular momentum quantum numberAngular Momentum Quantum Number
Angular velocityHarmonics in Polyphase Power Systems
 AC Capacitor Circuits
 AC Inductor Circuits
ANSI gate symbolsShift Register, Parallel-in, Serial-out
ANSI protective relay designationsProtective relays
antennaMore on the "skin effect"
 Principles of radio
Anti-static foamMeter check of a transistor
Antiderivative of e functionsCalculus Reference
AntiderivativesCalculus Reference
AntinodeStanding waves and resonance
antiresonanceResonance in series-parallel circuits
 Inductor-capacitor "tank" circuit
apparent powerTrue, Reactive, and Apparent Power
Arithmetic Logic UnitLook-up tables
Arithmetic sequenceAlgebra Reference
Arithmetic, with complex numbersComplex number arithmetic
Arm, Wheatstone bridgeBridge circuits
ArmatureRelay construction
Artifact, measurementMore on spectrum analysis
 Computational circuits
assembler, computer programmingMicroprocessor programming
assembly languageMicroprocessor programming
Associative propertyBoolean algebraic properties
astablePositive feedback
astable multivibratorDigital logic with feedback
 555 Audio Oscillator
 Audio Oscillator
AsymptoticCapacitor transient response
 Inductor transient response
Asynchronous counterAsynchronous counters
asynchronous load, shift registerShift Register, Parallel-in, Serial-out
atomStatic electricity
atomic clockFrequency and Phase Measurement
atomic structureStatic electricity
 Electron activity in chemical reactions
attenuationBand-pass filters
AttoMetric notation
audio detectorSensitive audio detector
audio oscillatorAudio Oscillator
audio taperPotentiometer as a Voltage Divider
audio taper potentiometerSensitive audio detector
 Sensitive voltage detector
autoranging meterVoltmeter usage
AutotransformerWinding configurations
average amplitude, ACMeasurements of AC magnitude
AveragerAverager and summer circuits
AWG (American Wire Gauge)Conductor size

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