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magnetic distributionExploration of a Magnetic Field
magnetic fieldExploration of a Magnetic Field
magnetic needleWork done in Turning the Magnetic Needle
Maxwell's vibration needleMaxwell's Vibration Needle
measurementPhysical Measurements
 The British Association Wire Bridge
measurement of a volumeDetermination of Volumes by Weighing
measurement of anglesMeasurement of Angles
measurement of timeMeasurements of Time
measurement unitsThe C.G.S. System
mercury barometerThe Mercury Barometer
mixing of colorsThe Colour Top
modes of vibrationDetermination of the Absolute Pitch of a Note
modulus of torsionMaxwell's Vibration Needle
 Summary of the General Theory of Elasticity
 Modulus of Torsion of a Wire
moment of inertiaMaxwell's Vibration Needle
 Modulus of Torsion of a Wire
musical noteAcoustics - Definitions

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