Linux Know-How provides a collection of introductory texts on often needed Linux skills.

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backgroundProcess control
background executionBackground Execution
backquotesMeaning of quotes
backslashMeaning of quotes
backupsExamples of functions in scripts
bannerLinux Advanced Text Processing Tools
bashComparison of Shells
 What do you need?
 Common shell programs
 Advantages of the Bourne Again Shell
 Differing features
bash startupBash startup files
bash variablesReserved Variables
 Special Parameters
bashrcSystem-wide configuration files
benefits of LinuxBenefits of Linux
bluefishViewing and editing files
blueprintLack of Roadmap
boolean operatorsMore advanced if usage
boot disketteInstall floppy
boot loaderLILO and GRUB
bootparamdSome Linux Daemons
bootstrappingExecuting commands
Bourne Again shellCommon shell programs
Bourne shellComparison of Shells
 Common shell programs
Bourne shell variablesReserved Variables
brace expansionBrace expansion
bracket expressionGrep and regular expressions
breakBreak and continue
built-in commandExecuting commands
built-in Linux firewallSelecting A Kernel
burning CDsWriting CD-R/Ws

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