Linux Know-How provides a collection of introductory texts on often needed Linux skills.

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cable modemSingle Router Architecture
calculatorMath Tools
CalderaLinux distribution
caseUsing case statements
case sensitivityFilenames
 Notes for the UNIX Clueless
catViewing and editing files
 Some administration commands
 Linux Advanced Text Processing Tools
 File input and output
cdBasic operations
CD-R/WWriting CD-R/Ws
CDROMHow can I access my CDROM?
 Accessing drives/partitions
cervisiaLinux Advanced Text Processing Tools
cfdiskHard Drive/Floppy Disk Utilities
chageManagement of User Accounts
changing a partitionRe-partitioning MS Windows
character classesPattern Matching
character setPrinting Symbols
chfnManagement of User Accounts
chgrpFile permissions
child processExecuting commands
chmodHow to run a program
 File permissions
 File Access Permissions
chownFile permissions
cksumLinux Advanced Text Processing Tools
clockSystem info
closing file descriptorsFile input and output
colorColour on text terminal
commandShell Building Blocks
command line argumentsMore advanced if usage
command line autocompletionFilenames
command optionsCommand options
command substitutionCommand substitution
command-line interpreterComparison of Shells
commentsScript basics
common shell featuresCommon features
comparison of operating systemsDifferences Linux/UNIX
 Differences Linux/MS Windows
compiling the kernelCompiling the Kernel
compressed tarballPackage Installation
concurrent loginsConcurrent GUI logins
conditional executionIntroduction to if
conditional expressionsConditionals
configurationLarge Network with Emphasis on Security
configuration filesSetup and Configuration Files
 Summary - Bash Scripts
 System-wide configuration files
 Individual user configuration files
 Changing shell configuration files
configuring the network addressesConfiguring the Network Addresses
configuring the proxy serverConfiguring the Proxy Server
configuring the TIS FWTKConfiguring the TIS Fwtk
consoleHow to switch between text and graphical consoles?
 Device Files
continueBreak and continue
copy and pasteHow do I copy-paste?
copyrightIntellectual Property Rights
 Verbatim copying
 Copying in quantity
 Copyright information
 Copyright and Download
core dumpHanged Programs
Corel LinuxLinux distribution
cpFile management
crashing LinuxCrashing Linux
creating variablesCreating Variables
cronHow do I set up cron?
 Example Bash script
crondSome Linux Daemons
cshComparison of Shells
 Common shell programs
 Differing features
cupsdSome Linux Daemons
current directoryFilenames
cut and pasteHow do I copy-paste?
cvsLinux Advanced Text Processing Tools

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