Linux Know-How provides a collection of introductory texts on often needed Linux skills.

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packageWhich packages should I install?
 Package Installation
packet filterTypes of Firewalls
parametersShell Building Blocks
partitionHarddisk partitioning
partitioning utilityHard Drive/Floppy Disk Utilities
passwordAbout password security
 I forgot the root password
 I forgot my user password
password expiryManagement of User Accounts
pasteHow do I copy-paste?
 Linux Advanced Text Processing Tools
patchLinux Advanced Text Processing Tools
pathHow to run a program
 Changing the PATH
 Examples of functions in scripts
pattern matchingPattern Matching
pcmciaSome Linux Daemons
pdf filesGraphics-related commands
pdkshComparison of Shells
permissionsFile permissions
 Permissions for directories
personal workstationsFirewalls and Proxy Servers
picoViewing and editing files
pineNetwork apps
pingNetwork administration tools
policiesFirewall Politics
popdDirectory stack
popularity of MS WindowsMS Windows popularity
portmapSome Linux Daemons
POSIXBash startup files
postfixSome Linux Daemons
postscriptGraphics-related commands
ppp dial upConfiguring the PPP Dial-Out Connection
presentation programWord processing
printThe print program
printcapPrinter Setup
printerPrinter Setup
 Device Files
printfExample Bash script
private LANConfiguring the Network Addresses
 Firewalls and Proxy Servers
procFile Systems
process statusProcess control
process substitutionProcess Substitution
profileSystem-wide configuration files
program installationProgram installation
programming termsDeveloping good scripts
promptCustomizing the Shell Prompt
 The prompt
 Prompting for user input
pros & contra LinuxWhy Linux?
proxyLarge Network with Emphasis on Security
 Installing A Transparent Squid Proxy
proxy serverFirewall With Proxy Server
 The Socks Proxy Server
 Configuring the Proxy Server
 Working With A Proxy Server
 Drawbacks With Proxy Servers
 Selecting A Proxy Server
 Types of Firewalls
pushdDirectory stack
pwdSystem info

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