The Compendium Geometry is an eBook providing facts, formulas and explanations about geometry.

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scalingCoordinate Transform
 3D Scaling with Homogeneous Coordinates
semiperimeterTangential Quadrilateral
side lengthRegular Polygon
side of a triangleHalf Angle Relations in a Triangle
 Relations between Angles and Sides in Triangles
sidesProperties of Arbitrary Triangles
sides of a triangleTriangle - General Definitions
similar trianglesCongruent and Similar Triangles
 Congruence Transformation
Simpsons ruleGeneral Rules for 3D Solids
sinProperties of a Right Triangle
skew quadrilateralQuadrilateral - General Definitions
solidsGeneral Rules for 3D Solids
sperical coordinate systemConversion between 3D Coordinate Systems
spherical coordinate systemSpherical Coordinate System
squareRectangle and Square
sum of anglesRelations between Angles and Sides in Triangles
 Regular Polygon
surface of revolutionGeneral Rules for 3D Solids

Last Update: 2011-01-11