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Index D...

d-c componentsA-C and D-C Components
dampingLoudspeaker Damping
 Demonstration of Acoustic Damping
decibelDecibel Calculations
decoupling filterDecoupling
deflector platesThe Acoustic Lens
diaphragmThe Speaker Diaphragm
diodeThe Diode
direct couplingDirect Coupling
directional effectsDirectional Effects
directivityMicrophone Directivity
 Horn Directivity
disc recordingDisc Recording Techniques
distortionProblems of Amplification
 Nonlinear Amplification
 The Lowering of Distortion
 Amplifier Efficiency and Distortion
 Drive Transformers
 Harmonic Distortion
 Measurement of Harmonic Distortion
 Intermodulation Distortion
 Frequency Response
 Transient Distortion
 Feedback and Distortion
 Negative Feedback
 Improving the Output
distortion figureAmplifier Specifications
divider networkParallel R-C, and R-L Networks
dividing networkDividing Networks
 The Parallel-Fed Crossover
downloadDownload and Release History
drive transformerDrive Transformers
dynamic gain measurementDynamic Gain Measurements
dynamic load lineConstructing The New Load Line
dynamic loudspeakerThe Moving-Coil Speaker
dynamic microphoneThe Dynamic (Moving-Coil) Microphone

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