Basic Audio is a free introductory textbook to the basics of audio physics and electronics. See the editorial for more information....

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tape recordingMagnetic Recording
tape responseTape Response
terminationLine Impedance
tetrodeDevelopment of the Pentode
 The Beam-Power Tetrode
time constantTime Constants
time-baseShowing Waveforms with the Oscilloscope
tone controlTone Controls
 Plate Resistance
transformerThe Microphone Matching Transformer
 The Matching Transformer
 The Effect of a Step-Up Transformer
 Input Transformers
 The Transformer-Type Phase Splitter
 Review of Transformer Action
 Core Losses
 The Effect of Saturation
 The Use of an Air Gap
 Input and Interstage Transformers
 Drive Transformers
 Output Transformers
 Souces of Power
transformer couplingTransformer Coupling
 Transients Due to Power Supply
transient distortionTransient Distortion
transistorTransistor Operation
 Noise In Tubes and Transistors
transistor amplifierThe Grounded-Base Amplifier
 The Grounded-Emitter Amplifier
 The Grounded-Collector Amplifier
treble tone controlTone Controls
triodeThe Triode
 Different Types of Triodes
 Triode Connection of Pentodes
tubeNoise In Tubes and Transistors
tube characteristicsDifferent Types of Triodes
tube rectifierRectification
turntableThe Effects of Wow, Flutter, and Rumble

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