Basic Audio is a free introductory textbook to the basics of audio physics and electronics. See the editorial for more information....

Index F...

feedbackFeedback and Distortion
 Negative Feedback
 Positive Feedback
 Voltage Feedback
 Current Feedback
 Series Injection
 Shunt Injection
 Phase Shift Due to Feedback
 The Cathode Follower and Feedback
feedback circuitsFeedback Amplifier Arrangements
filamentThe Diode
 Filament Connections and Voltages
film recordingFilm Recording
filterArrangements of R and C
 The Capacitor-Input Filter
 The Choke-Input Filter
 The Swinging Choke
floating paraphase circuitThe Floating Paraphase Circuit
flutterThe Effects of Wow, Flutter, and Rumble
folded hornThe Folded Horn
frequencyFrequency and Pitch
 Frequency and Wavelength
frequency dividing networkDividing Networks
frequency responseFrequency Response
 The Loop Gain - Nyquist Diagram
full-wave rectifierRectification

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