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Index C...

calibrated amplifierCalibrated Amplifier
calibrated microphoneCalibrating a Microphone
capacitive reactanceCapacitive Reactance
capacitorDistributed Capacitance
capacitor-input filterThe Capacitor-Input Filter
carbon microphoneThe Carbon Microphone
cardioid microphoneMicrophone Directivity
cathodeThe Triode
cathode bias resistorGrid Biasing Methods
cathode coupled paraphase amplifierThe Long-Tail Circuit
cathode followerThe Cathode Follower
 The Cathode Follower and Feedback
cathode resistorSelf Bias
chokeThe Swinging Choke
choke-input filterThe Choke-Input Filter
class A stagePower Output from a Class-A Stage
class AB stageClass-AB Operation
class B stageClass-B Operation
 Amplifier Specifications
coaxial lineCoaxial Lines
common cathodeThe Grounded-Cathode Amplifier
common-grid circuitThe Grounded-Grid Amplifier
 Input to the Grounded-Grid Amplifier
common-plate circuitThe Cathode Follower
compressorAutomatic Volume Control (Compressor)
 The Volume Limiter
concentrationThe Physiology of Concentration
condenser microphoneThe Electrostatic (Condenser) Microphone
cone sizeThe Speaker Diaphragm
conical hornHorn Shapes
contact microphoneThe Carbon Microphone
contact to the authorEditorial
core lossCore Losses
couplingR-C Coupling
coupling capacitorCoupling Capacitors
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crossoverThe Parallel-Fed Crossover
 The Series-Fed Crossover
 Two-Element Crossovers
 Three-Element Crossovers
Crowhurst, N.H.Editorial
crystal microphoneThe Crystal Microphone
crystal speakerThe Crystal Speaker
current feedbackCurrent Feedback
cutterCutters and Pickups

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