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Index M...

magnetThe Dynamic (Moving-Coil) Microphone
magnetic inductionThe Effect of Circuit Impedance
magnetic shieldingMagnetic Shielding
masking of soundMasking
matching transformerThe Microphone Matching Transformer
 The Matching Transformer
megaphoneThe Use of a Horn
 Horn Shapes
 Horn Directivity
microphoneThe Purpose of Microphones
 The Dynamic (Moving-Coil) Microphone
 The Velocity (Ribbon) Microphone
 The Electrostatic (Condenser) Microphone
 The Crystal Microphone
 The Carbon Microphone
 Microphone Directivity
 Microphone Sensitivity
 The Microphone Matching Transformer
 Calibrating a Microphone
 Coaxial Lines
microphone impedanceMicrophone Impedance
microphone noiseInput Transformers
microphone responseMicrophone and Speaker Response Curves
moving-coil speakerThe Moving-Coil Speaker
moving-iron speakerThe Moving-Iron Speaker
musicSound Composition

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