Basic Audio is a free introductory textbook to the basics of audio physics and electronics. See the editorial for more information....

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safety groundGround Problems
saturationBack Emf and Saturation
 The Effect of Saturation
 The Use of an Air Gap
sawtooth waveOscillator Waveforms
screen biasingScreen-Biasing Methods
screen potentialMaintaining Constant Screen Potential
self biasSelf Bias
 Bias in Push-Pull Stages
sensitivityMicrophone Sensitivity
series injectionSeries Injection
series RC networkThe Series R-C Network
series RL networkThe Series R-L Network
series-fed crossoverThe Series-Fed Crossover
shadow zoneLong and Short Sound Waves
shieldingThe Need for Shielding
 The Effect of Circuit Impedance
 Magnetic Shielding
 Electromagnetic Shielding
 Electric Shielding
shunt injectionShunt Injection
sine waveHarmonics or Overtones
 The Sine Wave
 Improving the Output
soundWhat Sound Is
 How Fast Sound Travels
 Sources of Sound
 What Rooms Do To Sound
 Sound Composition
sound wavesCharacteristics of Sound Waves
source of noiseSources of Noise
source resistanceCurrent Feedback
sources of soundSources of Sound
speaker diaphragmThe Speaker Diaphragm
speaker responseMicrophone and Speaker Response Curves
specificationAmplifier Specifications
speed of soundHow Fast Sound Travels
split-load circuitThe Split-Load Circuit
square waveOscillator Waveforms
standing waveStanding Waves
step-up transformerThe Effect of a Step-Up Transformer
stereoStereophonic Source Material
stereophonic reproductionStereophonic Reproduction
stray capacitanceDistributed Capacitance
 Other Losses
stringsHarmonics in Strings
suppressor gridThe Pentode
 Development of the Pentode
swarfDisc Recording Techniques
swinging chokeThe Swinging Choke

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