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fanThe Shaded-Pole Induction Motor
Faraday's LawElectromotive Force Produced by Motion
field discharge resistorStarting Procedure for Synchronous Motors
field excitationField Excitation of Shunt Generator
 Varying Field Excitation under Constant Load
Fleming's ruleFleming's Right-Hand Rule
floating neutralMeasurement of Three-Phase Power by Two-Wattmeter Method
fluorescent lampFluorescent Lamps
flux leakageMagnetic Circuit
flux linkageElectromotive Force and Change of Flux
four-wire systemThe Three-Phase, Four-Wire System
frequencyInstantaneous Values of Electromotive Force
frequency meterFrequency Meters
frictionLosses by Windage and Friction (Mechanical Losses)
full loadOther Limits of Power Output
full-voltage startingStarting of Polyphase Induction Motors

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