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d'Arsonval type voltmeterDirect-Current Voltmeters (D'Arsonval Type)
d-c magnetApplication of Magnets
dark-lamp synchronizationParallel Operation
David J. UlmerEditorial
DC generatorArmature of Direct-Current Generator
 The Elementary Generator
 Loss in Shunt-Field Circuit of DC Generator
delta-connected loadThe Balanced Three-Phase Delta-Connected Load
 Combined Delta and Wye Loads
delta-connected systemElectromotive Forces in a Delta-Connected System
demagnetizing componentCalculation of Armature Reaction
demand chargeDemand Charge
differential compound generatorThe Compound Generator
differential compound motorThe Compound Motor
diodeThe Diode
direct currentComparison of Direct and Alternating Current
direct efficiencyEfficiency
direct emfInstantaneous Values of Electromotive Force
direct-current generatorTypes of Direct-Current Machines
 Armature of Direct-Current Generator
 The Elementary Generator
 Field Structure
direct-current voltmeterDirect-Current Voltmeters (D'Arsonval Type)
dischargeSecondary (Storage) Batteries
 Discharge Rates
discharge of a condenserDischarge of a Condenser in an RC Circuit
displacementPhase Displacement
diverterThe Compound Generator
downloadDownload and Release History
drum controllerDrum Controllers
dynamic characteristicThe Load Line and Dynamic Characteristic
dynamic electricityDynamic Electricity
dynamoTypes of Direct-Current Machines
dynamometer-type meterDirect-Current Ammeter

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