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Index M...

magnetic circuitMagnetic Circuit
 Series Magnetic Circuits
 Parallel Magnetic Circuits
magnetic fieldMagnetic Field
magnetic rule of thumbMagnetic Field About a Conductor Carrying Current
magnetization curveMagnetic Circuit
magnetomotive forceMagnetic Circuit
 Magnetomotive Force
maintenance of lead-acid batteriesCare of Lead-Acid Battery
mechanical lossesLosses by Windage and Friction (Mechanical Losses)
middle wireEffect of Fuse or Circuit Breaker in Middle Wire
millivoltmeterDirect-Current Ammeter
minor hysteresis loopPermanent Magnets
mixed lightingLight Sources
motionElectromotive Force Produced by Motion
motorGeneral Characteristics of the Synchronous Motor
motor starterTypes of Automatic Motor Starters
motorsNeed for Small Motors
moving-coil instrumentDirect-Current Voltmeters (D'Arsonval Type)
mutual inductanceMutual Inductance

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