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 Series Circuits With Resistance and Capacitance
 Parallel Circuits With Resistance and Capacitance
 Parallel Circuits With Resistance, Inductance, and Capacitance
capacitive reactanceCapacitive Reactance
capacitor motorThe Capacitor Motor
capacity of batteryDischarge Rates
cathodeElectron Affinity
cathode-ray oscillographThe Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope
characteristic angleCircuits With Resistance and Inductive Reactance
chargeEnergy Stored in a Condenser
 Secondary (Storage) Batteries
chargingCharging Methods
charging rateCharging Rates
circle diagram of the motorPerformance of Polyphase Induction Motor Without Loading
circuit breakStorage of Electromagnetic Energy
circuit breakerEffect of Fuse or Circuit Breaker in Middle Wire
 Mutual Inductance
cold junction compensationThermocouple Meters
commutating polesInterpoles
commutatorThe Commutator
 Commutator Wear
compensated wattmeterThe Compensated Wattmeter
complex numberA More Convenient Notation
compound generatorThe Compound Generator
 Parallel Operation of Compound Generators
 Alternating Voltage Applied to a Condenser
 Capacitive Reactance
 Energy Stored in a Condenser
 Discharge of a Condenser in an RC Circuit
 Circuit With Capacitance Only
 Circuit With Resistance and Capacitance Only
 The Capacitor Motor
condenser-input filterRelaxation Oscillators
conductanceResistors in Parallel
 Conductance,Susceptance, and Admittance
conductivityMagnetic Circuit
conductorConductors and Insulators
 Resistance of Conductor
constant-speed motorCharacteristics of Shunt Motors
contact to the authorEditorial
convenient notationA More Convenient Notation
conventional efficiencyEfficiency
copper-oxide rectifierThe Copper-Oxide Rectifier
counter emf starterCounter-emf Starters
crane serviceThe Repulsion Motor
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critical voltageGas-Filled Triodes
cross-magnetizing componentCalculation of Armature Reaction
cross-sectionEconomical Size of Wire
cumulative compound generatorThe Compound Generator
cumulative compound motorThe Compound Motor
current transformerCurrent Transformers
 Burdens of Current and Potential Transformers
current transientCurrent Transient in a Purely Inductive Circuit
 Current Transient when RL Circuit is Closed

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