Transistor Basics is a free introductory textbook on transistors and their basic applications. See the editorial for more information....

Index I...

i-f amplifierI-F Amplifiers
i-f couplingI-F Coupling Circuits
i-f transistor amplifierI-F Coupling Circuits
impurity concentrationImpurity Concentration
in-phase componentPhase Shift and Feedback
in-phase feedbackPhase Shift Compensation
infinite current gainCurrent Gain in the Grounded Emitter Connection
 Voltage Gain in the Grounded Collector Connection
input gain controlTransistor Gain Controls
input image resistanceInput and Output Impedance Matching
input impedanceGeneral Four-Terminal Network Analysis
input resistanceNegative Resistance and Transistor Stability
insulatorConductors, Insulators, Semiconductors
internal transistor parametersCurrent Gain of the Grounded Collector Connection
intrinsic germaniumIntrinsic Germanium

Last Update: 2011-01-30