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p-n junctionPotential Hills
 Reverse and Forward Bias
P-N-PFixed Bias
p-type germaniumAcceptors - P-Type Germanium
p-type transistorP-Type Transistor
passive basisEquivalent Passive 'T' Network
peak-to-peak collector voltageMaximum Output Conditions
perfect buffer stageVoltage Gain in the Grounded Collector Connection
phase anglePhase Shift and Feedback
phase inverterFunction
phase shiftPhase Shift and Feedback
Phase-shift oscillatorPhase Shift Oscillator
photocellThe PN Junction Photocell
PN junctionThe PN Junction Photocell
PNP transistorPNP Transistor Operation
PNPN junction transistorThe PNPN Transistor
point-contactTransistor Comparisons
point-contact transistorConstruction and Electrode Designations
 Frequency Comparison of Point-Contact and Junction Transistors
potential hillPotential Hills
power gainVoltage Gain VG
 Power Gain
 Reverse Power Gain in the Grounded Collector Circuit
power gainsGain Factors
printed circuitPrinted Circuit Techniques
push-pullPush-Pull Operation
push-pull amplifierPush-Pull Circuitry
 Cascade Operation
push-pull transistor amplifierPush-Pull Operation

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