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cascade systemDesign Considerations - Overall Power Gain
cascaded systemCoupling and Decoupling Circuits
cat whiskersConstruction and Electrode Designations
chassisTemperature Effects
circuit oscillationConditions for Oscillation
Clapp oscillatorTransistor Clapp Oscillator
Class A amplifierEfficiency Stabilization
class A transistorEfficiency Stabilization
class B amplifierQuiescent Point
Class B push-pullSymmetrical Push-Pull Operation
Class B transistorPush-Pull Circuitry
collectorConstruction and Electrode Designations
 Collector - Base - Emitter
collector bias conditionsFixed Bias
collector currentWide-Spaced Transistors
 Maximum Output Conditions
collector-controlled oscillatorsInput Resistance for the Grounded Emitter Connection
Colpitts oscillatorTransistor Colpitts Oscillator
common baseBasic Transistor Connections
common collectorBasic Transistor Connections
common emitterBasic Transistor Connections
composite characteristicsBasic Theory
conditional stability characteristicPower Gain in the Grounded Emitter Connection
conductorConductors, Insulators, Semiconductors
covalent bondCovalent Bonds
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crystal oscillatorsBasic Types
currentTransistor Ruggedness
current gainThe PNPN Transistor
 Current, Resistance, Voltage, and Power Gains
 Current Gain
 Current Gain
current generatorCurrent Sources

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