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open-circuit characteristicsCircuit Parameters
open-circuit conditionsInput Resistance
open-circuit parametersInput Resistance
 Output Resistance
 Input and Output Impedance Matching
 Significance and Derivation
operating frequencyCurrent Gain
operating gainPower Gain
 Design Considerations - Overall Power Gain
 Cascade Design
operating power gainPower Gain in the Grounded Collector Connection
oscillatorOutput Resistance for the Grounded Emitter Connectio
 Sine-wave Oscillators
 Bias Selection
 Phase Shift Compensation
 Basic Characteristics and Operation
oscillatorsContributing Factors
output gain controlTransistor Gain Controls
output image resistanceInput and Output Impedance Matching
output impedanceGeneral Four-Terminal Network Analysis
output resistanceOutput Resistance
overall current gainCascade Design

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