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saturation currentSaturation Current
sawtooth waveSynchronized Relaxation Oscillator
self biasSelf-Bias
self bias resistorHunter-Goodrich Bias Method
self-quenchingSelf-Quenching Oscillator
semiconductorConductors, Insulators, Semiconductors
short-circuitInput Resistance
short-circuit conductance parametersSignificance and Derivation
signal-to-noise ratioTransistor Noise
silicon-type junction transistorsTransistor Comparisons
sine-wave oscillatorBasic Operation
 Oscillator Stabilization
small-signal analysisEquivalent Passive 'T' Network
small-signal parametersVacuum Tubes Compared with Transistors
socketsSoldering Techniques
solder jointSoldering Techniques
soldering techniquesSoldering Techniques
stability factorImpedance Matching in the Grounded Emitter Connection
stabilizationSelf Bias Plus Fixed Bias
structure of matterStructure of Matter
surface leakageSaturation Current
surface-bound electronsSurface-Bound Electrons
sustained oscillationStabilizing Circuitry
symmetrical cascadeCascade Operation
symmetrical push-pull stageSymmetrical Push-Pull Operation
synchronized relaxationSynchronized Relaxation Oscillator

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