Basic Radio is a free introductory textbook on electronics based on tubes. See the editorial for more information....

Index I...

iconoscopeThe Iconoscope
IF amplifierR.F. and I.F. Amplifiers
 I.F. Class A Amplifiers
 Alignment Methods
illuminationThe Intensity of Light
image dissectorThe Image Dissector
impedanceReactance and Impedance
impedance ratioTransformers
impedance transformerLinear-Circuits
impedance-coupled amplifierImpedance-Coupled Amplifiers
impedance-resistance-coupled amplifierMultistage or Cascade Amplifiers
induced chargeCapacitance and Condensers
induction fieldRadiation
induction heaterThe Effect of "Neighboring Bodies"
inductive reactanceReactance and Impedance
input capacitanceEffective Input Capacitance
instrument landingInstrument Landing
intensity of lightThe Intensity of Light
intermediate frequencyThe Superheterodyne Receiver
interval timerAn Interval Timer
ionization potentialIonization Potentials
ionosphereThe Ionosphere
 Propagation of Sky Waves

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