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padding condenserAlignment Methods
parallel LCR circuitParallel Resonant Circuits
parallel resistancesResistance Laws
parasitic oscillationsParasitic Oscillations
pentode amplifierModulation of a Pentode Amplifier
 Phase and Voltage Considerations
phase controlPhase Control
phase controlled thyratronPhase Control
phase distortionDistortion
phase reversalPhase Reversal
phase shifterPhase Shifters
phase-splitting circuitLissajou Patterns
phone transmitterA Complete Phone Transmitter
photo emissionWavelength Dependence
photo-emission of electronsPhotoelectric Cells
photo-multiplier tubePhoto-Multiplier Tubes
photo-voltaic cell: photoemissionThe Photo-Voltaic Effect
photoelectric currentThe Photoelectric Current
 Photoelectric Currents and the Battery Voltage
 Wavelength Dependence
photoelectric tubePhotoelectric Cells
 The Time Factor
photoelectronsPhotoelectric Cells
photoemissionThe Photoelectric Current
phototube amplifierSome Phototube Circuits
photronic cellThe Photo-Voltaic Effect
pi-type filterLow-Pass Filters
 High-Pass Filters
picture tubePicture Tubes
Pierce crystal oscillatorCrystal Oscillators
piezo-electric effectA Simple Crystal Oscillator
plate currentSpace Charges
 Frequency Control of the Average Plate Current
plate detectorPlate Detectors
plate efficiencyPower Output and Plate Efficiency
plate modulationPlate Modulation
 Plate Modulation
 Choke-Coupled Plate Modulation
plate neutralizationNeutralization
plate resistanceThe Plate Resistance
polarityPhase and Voltage Considerations
polarizationThe Ground Wave
positive-grid oscillatorPositive-Grid Oscillators
powerHeating Effects of Currents
power amplifierPower Amplification
 R.F. Class C Power Amplifiers
power factorPower Factor
power outputMeasurement of Power Output
power sensitivityPower Amplification
power supplyConstant-Current Systems
problemsProblems And Questions
propagation of electromagnetic fieldRadiation
pulse amplifierA Pulse Amplifier
pulse generatorPulse Generators
push-pull amplifierPush-Pull Amplifiers
 A.F. Class B Amplifiers
push-pull oscillatorPush-Pull Oscillators

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