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 Frequency and Wave-Length
 Directed Radiation
 The Ground Wave
radiation fieldRadiation
radiation resistanceShort-Wire Antennas
radio compassThe Radio Compass or Goniometer
 Sense Determination from a Fixed Position
radio frequencyFrequency
radio frequency amplifierReceivers
radio markerMarkers
RC circuitThe Time Constant
RC coupled amplifierR-C Coupled Amplifiers
 R and C Values
RC phase shifterPhase Shifters
reactanceReactance and Impedance
reactance modulatorA Reactance Modulator
 The Superheterodyne Receiver
 Aligning the Receiver
 U.H.F. Transmitters And Receivers
 U.H.F. Receivers
rectifierHalf-Wave Rectifiers
 Full-Wave Center-Tap Rectifiers
 The Full-Wave Bridge Rectifier
 Three-Phase Rectifier
 Filters for Rectifier Circuits
 Component Parts of Rectifier Filters
 Voltage Regulation
 Thyratron Rectifiers
reflected resistanceReflected Impedance
regenerative detectorRegenerative Detectors
 A Super-Regeneration Detector
regenerative feedbackRegenerative and Degenerative Feedback
 Principles of Feedback Amplifiers
relaxation oscillatorA Simple Sweep-Circuit
release historyDownload and Release History
resistanceReactance and Impedance
 Actual Coils, Condensers, and Resistors
resistance-coupled amplifierMultistage or Cascade Amplifiers
resistances in seriesResistance Laws
resonanceSeries Resonance
 Parallel Resonant Circuits
 Q of a Circuit
 Resonant Voltages
resonant line circuitLinear-Circuits
resonant linesResonant Transmission Lines
retarding field oscillatorPositive-Grid Oscillators
RF amplifierR.F. and I.F. Amplifiers
 Typical R.F. Class A Amplifier
 Modulation of R.F. Amplifiers
RF bypassSeparation of Component Parts
RF chokeSeparation of Component Parts
RF resistanceActual Coils, Condensers, and Resistors
rhombic antennaLong-Wire Antennas
ribbon microphoneMicrophones
rippleHalf-Wave Rectifiers
 Full-Wave Center-Tap Rectifiers
RMS valueEffective, Peak, and Average Values
root-mean-squareEffective, Peak, and Average Values

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