Basic Radio is a free introductory textbook on electronics based on tubes. See the editorial for more information....

Index B...

B-K oscillatorPositive-Grid Oscillators
background voltagesErrors Due to Background Voltages
balanced DC amplifierStabilized D.C. Amplifiers
balanced feedback amplifierBalanced Feedback Amplifiers
balancing a loopErrors Due to Background Voltages
band elimination filterIntroduction to Filters
 Band-Pass and Band-Elimination Filters
band pass filterIntroduction to Filters
 Band-Pass and Band-Elimination Filters
band suppression filterBand-Pass and Band-Elimination Filters
band-pass filterA Selective Circuit
Barkhausen-Kurz oscillatorPositive-Grid Oscillators
beacon"A and N" Radio Beacon
 Simultaneous Weather and Beacon Transmission
beacon transmitterMarkers
beamDirected Radiation
beam power tubeBeam-Power Tubes
bearingThe Radio Compass or Goniometer
beat frequency oscillatorBeat-Frequency Oscillators
BelThe Decibel
bleeder resistanceComponent Parts of Rectifier Filters
bridge rectifierThe Full-Wave Bridge Rectifier
bridge-type phase shifterPhase Shifters
broadside arrayDirected Radiation
broadside radiationShort-Wire Antennas
bypassSeparation of Component Parts
bypass condenserFiltering for the Voltage Supplies

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