Basic Radio is a free introductory textbook on electronics based on tubes. See the editorial for more information....

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Ohm's lawElectrical Units and Ohm's Law
one-shotsA Circuit to Convert Random Pulses into Uniform Pulses
open-wire lineTypes of Transmission Lines
orbital beam multiplier tubeSome Electron Multiplier Tubes
 Phase and Voltage Considerations
 Parasitic Oscillations
oscillatorThe Glow-Tube
 A Tickler Circuit Oscillator
 A Hartley Oscillator
 A Colpitts Oscillator
 The Tuned-Plate Tuned-Grid Oscillator
 The Ultraudion Oscillator
 A Simple Crystal Oscillator
 The Multivibrator Oscillator
 Magnetostriction Oscillators
 A Simple Audio Oscillator
 Push-Pull Oscillators
 Electron-Coupled Oscillators
 Crystal Oscillators
 The Tri-tet Oscillator
 Harmonic Distortion versus Feedback Voltage
 Power Output and Plate Efficiency
 Frequency Stability
 Alignment Methods
 Linear-Circuits in U.H.F. Oscillators
 Positive-Grid Oscillators
oscilloscopeThe Operation Of Oscilloscopes
 A Simple Sweep-Circuit
 An Approximately Linear Sweep-Circuit
 The Use of Two Saw-Toothed Sweeps
 Lissajou Patterns
over-modulationModulation Percentage
overtonesTesting Amplifiers with Square Waves

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