Basic Radio is a free introductory textbook on electronics based on tubes. See the editorial for more information....

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T-type filterLow-Pass Filters
 High-Pass Filters
telescopeAn Electron Telescope
televisionThe Image Dissector
television pickup tubeElectron Guns
thermal noiseTheory of Metallic Conduction
 Sensitivity and Circuit Noise
thermionic emissionThe Evaporation Theory
thermocouple galvanometerA.C. Ammeters
three-phase rectifierThree-Phase Rectifier
thyratronGas-filled Triodes
 A Self-Stopping Circuit
 A.C. Plate Voltage and D.C. Grid Voltage
 Frequency Control of the Average Plate Current
 Phase Control
thyratron rectifierThyratron Rectifiers
thyrite bridge circuitLinear and Non-Linear Circuit Elements
tickler coilRegenerative and Degenerative Feedback
tickler-circuit oscillatorA Tickler Circuit Oscillator
time constantThe Time Constant
timerAn Interval Timer
 Reflected Impedance
 Coupled Circuits
 Vibrator Units
transformer-coupled amplifierMultistage or Cascade Amplifiers
 Transformer-Coupled Amplifiers
transitron oscillatorNegative Resistance or Dynatron Oscillators
transmission lineTransmission Lines
 Types of Transmission Lines
 Non-Resonant Transmission Lines
 Resonant Transmission Lines
 Long-Wire Antennas
 Measurement of Power Output
 A Complete Phone Transmitter
 Checking Phone Transmitters
 Output-Coupling Devices
 Checking the Transmitter
 U.H.F. Transmitters And Receivers
 An U.H.F. Transmitter
tri-tet oscillatorThe Tri-tet Oscillator
trimmer condenserAlignment Methods
triodeGrid Control of the Space Charge
triode amplifierSome Simple Amplifiers
tuned RF amplifierAlignment Methods
tuned transmission lineTransmission Lines
tuned-plate tuned-grid oscillatorThe Tuned-Plate Tuned-Grid Oscillator
twisted pair lineTypes of Transmission Lines
 Short-Wire Antennas
two-aperture lensElectron Lenses

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