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C biasThe Grid or 'C' Bias
capacitanceCapacitance and Condensers
 Effective Input Capacitance
capacitative reactanceReactance and Impedance
capacity feedbackA Colpitts Oscillator
capacity-couplingInterstage Coupling Methods
carbon microphoneMicrophones
carrier waveThe Carrier Wave
cascade amplifierMultistage or Cascade Amplifiers
cathodeTypes of Cathodes
cathode bypass condenserThe Grid or 'C' Bias
cathode modulationCathode Modulation
cathode rayThe Mass of the Electron
cathode ray tubeCathode-Ray Tubes
 A Cathode Ray Tube
 The Use of Two Saw-Toothed Sweeps
cavity resonatorsThe Klystron
center tap connectionTypes of Cathodes
center tap rectifierFull-Wave Center-Tap Rectifiers
characteristic curveDynamic Curves
characteristic impedanceNon-Resonant Transmission Lines
charge of electronThe Charge of the Electron
Child lawControl of the Space Charge
chokeSeparation of Component Parts
class A amplifierClass "A" Operation
 Distortion in Class A Amplifiers
 Typical R.F. Class A Amplifier
class AB amplifierClass AB Amplifiers
class B amplifierA.F. Class B Amplifiers
 R.F. Class B Amplifiers
class C amplifierClass C Amplifiers
 R.F. Class C Power Amplifiers
clipperSquare Waves Produced by Clipper Action
coaxial lineTypes of Transmission Lines
 Coaxial Line Filters
coincidence counterCoincidence Counters
colorColor of Light
Colpitts oscillatorA Colpitts Oscillator
combination tubesCombination Tubes
compassThe Radio Compass or Goniometer
condenserCapacitance and Condensers
condenser dischargeThe Time Constant
condenser microphoneMicrophones
conditions for oscillationPhase and Voltage Considerations
conductanceThe Mutual Conductance
conductionTheory of Metallic Conduction
constant-current supplyConstant-Current Systems
control gridTetrodes
coulombElectrical Units and Ohm's Law
counterA Counting Circuit
 Counting Pulses
 Coincidence Counters
 Scaling Circuits
couplingCoupled Circuits
 Interstage Coupling Methods
 Output-Coupling Devices
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critical couplingCoupled Circuits
crystal cutCrystals for Oscillators
crystal detectorThe Principle of Detection
crystal filterI.F. Class A Amplifiers
crystal microphoneMicrophones
crystal oscillatorA Simple Crystal Oscillator
 Crystal Oscillators
crystal receiverThe Principle of Detection
crystal resonatorCrystal Resonators
cutoff frequencyLow-Pass Filters
cutoff tubeThe Cutoff
CW receiverReceivers
cycles per secondFrequency

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