Basic Radio is a free introductory textbook on electronics based on tubes. See the editorial for more information....

Index D...

dBThe Decibel
DC amplifierMultistage or Cascade Amplifiers
 Direct Current Amplifiers
DC transformerInverters
decibelThe Decibel
deflection sensitivityA Cathode Ray Tube
degenerative amplifierSingle-Stage Degenerative Amplifier
 Two-Stage Degenerative Amplifier
degenerative feedbackRegenerative and Degenerative Feedback
 Principles of Feedback Amplifiers
delayed AVCAutomatic Volume Control
delta matched feedersShort-Wire Antennas
detectorThe Principle of Detection
 Diode Detector Circuits
 Plate Detectors
 Grid-Leak Detectors
 A Super-Regeneration Detector
 A Comparison of Detectors
 The Discriminator
deviation frequencFrequency Modulation
deviation ratioDeviation
diamond antennaLong-Wire Antennas
dielectric constantCapacitance and Condensers
dielectric lossThe Effect of "Neighboring Bodies"
diodeHigh Vacuum Diodes
 Ionization Potentials
diode detectorDiode Detector Circuits
direction finderThe Shore Effect
 Homing Devices
 A Cathode-Ray Direction Finder
directive arrayDirected Radiation
discriminatorThe Discriminator
disintegration voltageThe Disintegration Voltage
distortionLinear and Non-Linear Circuit Elements
 Distortion in Class A Amplifiers
 Harmonic Distortion versus Feedback Voltage
double superheterodyne receiverThe Superheterodyne Receiver
double-cylinder lensElectron Lenses
double-diode rectifierVoltage Doublers
double-gauze lensElectron Lenses
downloadDownload and Release History
drift motion of electronsTheory of Metallic Conduction
driverInterstage Coupling Methods
dull emittersKinds of Filaments
dummy antennaMeasurement of Power Output
dynamic microphoneMicrophones
dynatron oscillatorNegative Resistance or Dynatron Oscillators

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