Basic Radio is a free introductory textbook on electronics based on tubes. See the editorial for more information....

Index G...

G-M oscillationsPositive-Grid Oscillators
gainVoltage Amplification per Stage
galvanometerMagnetic Fields of Currents
 Photoelectric Cells
ganged condenserAlignment Methods
gas-filled diodeIonization Potentials
gas-filled tetrodeGas-filled Tetrodes
gas-filled triodeGas-filled Triodes
generatorA Simple A.C. Generator
GillPositive-Grid Oscillators
glider pathInstrument Landing
glow-tubeThe Glow-Tube
 A Simple Sweep-Circuit
goniometerThe Radio Compass or Goniometer
gridGrid Control of the Space Charge
grid biasThe Grid or 'C' Bias
grid leakThe Grid or 'C' Bias
grid neutralizationNeutralization
grid-bias modulationGrid-Bias Modulation
 Grid-Bias Modulation
grid-leak detectorGrid-Leak Detectors
ground waveThe Ground Wave
group delay distortionDistortion

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