Basic Radio is a free introductory textbook on electronics based on tubes. See the editorial for more information....

Index L...

Langmuir lawControl of the Space Charge
LC circuitPhase
 The L to C Ratio
Lecher wiresResonant Transmission Lines
lensCathode-Ray Tubes
 Electron Lenses
 Magnetic Focusing
lightColor of Light
light intensityThe Intensity of Light
limiterThe Limiter
linear amplifierShielding
linear elementsLinear and Non-Linear Circuit Elements
linear sweepA Linear Sweep-Circuit
 A Second Type of Linear Sweep-Circuit
lines of forceCapacitance and Inductance
link couplingInterstage Coupling Methods
Lissajou patternsLissajou Patterns
lobesShort-Wire Antennas
 Non-Resonant Transmission Lines
loop antennaLoop Antennas
loose couplingCoupled Circuits
low pass filterIntroduction to Filters
 Low-Pass Filters
 High- and Low-Pass Amplifiers
lower side bandSide Bands
LR phase shifterPhase Shifters
lumped voltageThe Lumped Voltage

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