Radio Antenna Engineering is a free introductory textbook on radio antennas and their applications. See the editorial for more information....

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linear conductorRadio-frequency Currents in Linear Conductors
lines of cophased dipoleHorizontal Directivity of Lines of Cophased Dipoles
lobe reductionBinomial Current Distributions
lobe-splitting techniqueLobe-splitting Technique
logarithmic-potential theoryLogarithmic-potential Theory
long wireLong Wires with Standing Waves
 Long Wires with Traveling Waves
 Long Wires as Directive Antennas for High Frequencies
long-wire antennaLong-wire Antennas
loop antennasLoop Antennas
low-frequencyLow-frequency-wave Propagation
 Low-frequency Ground Systems
low-frequency antennaLow-frequency Antennas
 Transmission Bandwidth
 Bibliography - Low Frequency Antennas
lumped reactancesCoupling Networks of Lumped Reactances

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