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cage antennasFolded Dipoles
calculationCalculation of Circuit Losses
cancellation of mutual impedancesCancellation of Mutual Impedances
capacitorImpedance Matching with an Inductor or Capacitor
cardioid patternLoop Antennas
characteristic impedanceVertical Antenna
 Characteristic Impedance
 Control of Characteristic Impedance
circle diagramCircle Diagram of a Transmission Line
 Construction of a Circle Diagram
circuit lossesCalculation of Circuit Losses
circuital designCircuital Design
coaxial (concentric) feederCoaxial (Concentric) Feeder
communication reliabilityDiversity Reception
comparison of measuredShunt-fed Radiators
complementary antennaOther Factors
computationComputation of Potential Gradients
conductors are groundedOne or More of the Conductors Are Grounded
constructionConstruction of High-frequency Antennas
 Mechanical Construction of Open-wire Transmission Lines
corner typeUnbalanced Feeder of the Corner Type
coupled sectionsTermination by Means of Coupled Sections
coupling networkCoupling Networks of Lumped Reactances
creative commons licenseCopyright
current distributionLow-frequency Antennas
 Sinusoidal Current Distribution
current distributionsRadiation Characteristics of a Vertical Radiator

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