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degree-amperesDegree-Amperes and Field Strength
designTransmission-line Design for Wide-frequency Band
 Control of Characteristic Impedance
developmentHigh-frequency Antenna Development
 Development of Broadcast Antennas
development of ground systemsGround Systems
dipoleRadiation Pattern
 Dipole with Passive Screen Reflector
dipole arrayRadiation Patterns for Dipole Arrays
 Feeding Power to Dipole Arrays Using Half-wave Spacings
direct synthesisSynthesis of an Array for Any Specified Azimuthal Pattern
directive antennaDirective Antenna with Maximum Gain for Two Radiators
 Directive Antennas Using Unequal-Height Radiators
 Produce a Null at a Specified Angle
 Directive Antennas for Wide Angles of Suppression
 Simple Directive High-frequency Antennas
 Long Wires as Directive Antennas for High Frequencies
directive arrayInput Impedance to Each Radiator in a Directive Array
 Feeder Circuits For Directive Arrays
directive broadcast arraysStability of Directive Broadcast Arrays
 Directive Broadcast Arrays
dissipation lineDissipation Lines
distortion of radiation patternsDistortion of Radiation Patterns Close to an Array
diurnal frequency characteristicChoosing a Working Frequency
diversity receptionDiversity Reception
downloadDownload and Release History

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