Radio Antenna Engineering is a free introductory textbook on radio antennas and their applications. See the editorial for more information....

Index V...

V antennaV Antennas
vertical antennaVertical Antenna
vertical directivityVertical Directivity of Stacked Horizontal Dipoles
vertical planeProduce a Null at a Specified Angle
vertical radiatorImpedance of Uniform-cross-section Vertical Radiators
 A Single Vertical Radiator for Two Different Frequencies
 Increasing Bandwidth of Vertical Radiators
 Radiation Characteristics of a Vertical Radiator
 Choice of Vertical Radiation Pattern
vertical-antennaLow-frequency Antennas
vertically polarized transmissionTraveling-wave Antenna for Vertically Polarized Transmission
vibrational stressVibrational Stress of Wires

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