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R.F. transmission linesBibliography - RF Transmission Lines
radial ground systemGround-system Design
radial-buried-wire ground systemRadial-buried-wire Ground System
radiation characteristicRadiation Characteristics
radiation characteristicsRadiation Characteristics of a Vertical Radiator
radiation efficiencyRadiation Efficiency
radiation patternRadiation Patterns for Dipole Arrays
 Radiation Pattern
radiation pattern of dipoleEffect of Off-center Feed on Radiation Pattern of Dipole
radiation patternsSinusoidal Current Distribution
radiation resistanceRadiation Resistance
 Circuital Design
 Degree-Amperes and Field Strength
radiatorInput Impedance to Any Radiator in an Array of Dipoles
 Shunt-fed Radiators
radio antenna engineeringCover
radio wavesLow-frequency-wave Propagation
radio-frequencyRadio-frequency Currents in Linear Conductors
 Types of Radio-frequency Transmission Lines
radio-tower-lighting systemAircraft Obstruction Lighting
reactanceAntenna Reactance
receivingAntennas for Receiving
receiving antennaFishbone Receiving Antenna
receiving-stationHigh-frequency Receiving-station Sites
reference dataReference Data
reflectionPropagation by Reflection
relative fieldTower Radiator
release historyDownload and Release History
rhombic antennaStereographic Charts for Rhombic Antennas
rhombic antenna circuitryRhombic Antenna Circuitry

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