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half-wave dipolesPower Distribution among the Half-wave Dipoles of an Array
half-wave spacingFeeding Power to Dipole Arrays Using Half-wave Spacings
hexagonal-sectionSix-wire Hexagonal-section Alternately Connected Balanced Feeder
high frequenciesLong Wires as Directive Antennas for High Frequencies
high-frequencyHigh-frequency Receiving-station Sites
high-frequency antennaHigh-frequency Antenna Development
 Construction of High-frequency Antennas
 Bibliography - High Frequency Antennas
 Simple Directive High-frequency Antennas
high-frequency circuitsOther Factors
high-frequency propagationHigh-frequency Propagation
high-frequency transmitting-station sitesHigh-frequency Transmitting-station Sites
high-potential wiresSix-wire Unbalanced Line
higher angleProduce a Null at a Specified Angle
hopPropagation by Reflection
horizontal dipoleHorizontal Dipole with Parasitic Elements
horizontal directivityHorizontal Directivity of Lines of Cophased Dipoles
horizontal director-reflector arrayHorizontal Director-Reflector Array
horizontal half-wave dipoleBandwidth of a Horizontal Half-wave Dipole
 Suppressing Secondary Lobes
horizontal half-wave-dipole antennaDesign of a Horizontal Half-wave-dipole Antenna System
horizontal rhombic antennaHorizontal Rhombic Antenna
horizontal-dipole antennaAntennas for Receiving

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