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tapered transmission-lineTapered Transmission-line
television antennasFM-TV on AM Antennas
terminationTermination by Means of Coupled Sections
three diamond sectionUmbrella Antenna
three grounded wireFour-wire Unbalanced Feeder
three radiatorThree Radiators
three-radiator arrayFeeder System for a Three-radiator Array
tower radiatorTower Radiator
 Aircraft Obstruction Lighting
transmission bandwidthTransmission Bandwidth
transmission lineTransmission-line Design for Wide-frequency Band
 Power-transmission Capacity of Open-wire Transmission Lines
 Two-wire Balanced Transmission Line
 Types of Radio-frequency Transmission Lines
 Remarks regarding Transmission Lines
 Impedance-matching Techniques
 Circle Diagram of a Transmission Line
 Construction of a Circle Diagram
transmission line switchingHigh-frequency Transmission-line Switching
transmission linesBibliography - RF Transmission Lines
transmission-line equationImportant Transmission-line Equations
transmission-line parameterTransmission-line Parameters
transmission-line sectionNetwork Equivalents of Transmission-line Sections
transmitter powerTransmitter Power
traveling wavesLong Wires with Traveling Waves
traveling-wave antennaTraveling-wave Antenna for Vertically Polarized Transmission
two radiatorsDirective Antenna with Maximum Gain for Two Radiators
two-element arrayCancellation of Mutual Impedances
two-wire transmission lineTwo-wire Balanced Transmission Line

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